Your Products by MMS


By sending an SMS, your customers can request information about a specific property, get details about your business, or even do a quick search of your current product range. Available to Realestate, Automotive, FMCG, even Business Services, MMSme is a versatile information delivery system for your products and services. No 3rd party apps to download or problematic QR codes to decipher, a standard SMS is all that’s needed.

Within 30 seconds, the customer will receive an MMS containing the information they requested including text, images and video. In return, you get a copy of the details they requested plus their mobile number and time they requested the information. This can even be delivered directly to your CRM system ready for your team to follow up.

Now you can be there for your customers, even when you’re not.

Easy to Use

Your customers shouldn’t have to download another new app or scan a barcode just to get information they want. MMSme allows you to deliver rich media content directly to the customer without having to worry about device compatibility. It is available on virtually every mobile phone, meaning you are sure to get your message across.

Always Available

Just like your website, MMSme is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Display your dedicated MMSme number in store, on your website and even on your business cards to give customers a quick, easy way to get the information they want regardless of whether it’s outside of normal business hours or just a busy day.

Highly Configurable Content

You choose whether you want to deliver text, single or multiple images or even video directly back to the customer. The MMS is assembled and delivered to the customer while an email is generated and sent to you containing the details they requested, their mobile number as well as the date and time that they enquired.

Flexible Usage

There are many ways to use MMSme within your business. Customers can request information such as your address including trading hours and photo, extra details about a specific property, vehicle or item of clothing, even your current specials. They can even search your products - all by sending a simple SMS.

More Nifty Features

Your products and photos can be received from any data provider or CSV and multiple email destinations means customer data can be delivered directly to your inbox and your CRM system at the same time.