Custom Software Development


Blackgate specialise in developing web apps that can be run on your private network or in the cloud giving you the choice of how it’s deployed. Our software is developed utilising open source technologies which help to keep your licensing costs to a minimum.


This is the most important factor. The application we develop will be to your exact specifications and perform just how you need. When we scope a project, we always ask for your wish list. This allows us to plan the project and make sure we allow for future expansion as you and your application grow.


We can create single, multiple or shared login systems to ensure your software has the access control you want. We can also integrate with Microsoft Active Directory as well as any other LDAP protocol enabled system. So whether it's SSO with a local authentication store or a web-based login with OAuth support to allow access via Facebook and Google logins, we can create the solution you need.


Our web apps are highly scalable so whether you have 10 users or 10,000 users, our software will be able to support your needs. Our cloud hosting option provides you with a scalable web platform to suit the specific requirements of the application. Disc space, bandwidth, even server specifications can be tailored to fit the app.


Apps developed for private networks put full control in your hands. The software is hosted on a server within your own network so you can start and stop the application as you see fit. Our cloud hosted applications are run from Dedicated Virtual Private Servers. We manage these systems to ensure everything is up to date and running smoothly so you don't have to.